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Key Milestones & Dates

Based on the research and development of the world’s top industrial laser technical, combined with European advanced management and funds, Chihalo was founded since 2016!
Through the first six years, our products and service are sold to more than 60 countries and has more than 40 dealers in the world!

Chihalo has always adhered to the business model of OEM and ODM factory, using its most advanced technology to help various OEM brands grow in different industrial fields!



Preparatory Stage

Innovative laser applications bring new opportunities

From 1960 to the 21st century, laser technology has been widely used in various fields in the world, from laser medical surgery to laser industrial cutting processing, from the civil field of laser ranging to laser weapons and other military fields, laser seems to have become a mature commercial product, everywhere.

Our team found that in many laser technology research, there is a laser cleaning technology has not been known. With the rapid development of industry, more and more metal objects and cultural relics need to be maintained and cleaned more conveniently. Laser cleaning technology is a good substitute for traditional sand blasting.

We are so interested in this technology and soon start to look for partners, develop the most advanced laser cleaning machine, and look for funds. Our team includes doctors who have studied optics for many years, as well as mechanical experts in the industrial field.

In this process, we got the help of European and Chinese universities, and finally after two years of efforts……


New Start

Established of Chihalo

The first generation of laser cleaning machine on the market

At the same time as chihalo was founded, we launched the first generation of laser cleaning machine.

The first generation of laser cleaning machine is mainly used for domestic aircraft paint removal and maintenance of mining equipment in Chile.

After getting the feedback from customers, our R & D department quickly improved the iteration.

150% Faster

The super large high-speed motor is equipped with larger lenses, cleaning efficiency is increased by 150% under the same laser power

No Damage to Base

Unique laser control technology, precision adjustment, non-destructive cleaning



Global Partners

Every year, we participate in some global industrial exhibitions, looking for local partners

Thanks to our team, professional sales team and experienced overseas technical engineers, we have selected some world-class industrial exhibitions, such as Hanover industrial exhibition, Shanghai Munich radio and television exhibition, Jakarta industrial exhibition and German cleaning industry exhibition, etc.

By constantly showing our laser cleaning technology to friends all over the world, planning business plans for them, training professional engineers and so on, our partners are growing!



New Positioning

The global epidemic has hindered the development of international trade, and we have rapidly changed our business model, bringing a new Chihalo

If we say that Chihalo has been committed to building brands and OEM equipment for dealers before, then the arrival of the global epidemic has given us more time to think about how to let Chihalo laser cleaning machines enter more factories and families.

To this end, we have designed a series of portable, cost-effective handheld laser cleaning machines, and sell them with Chihalo brand and service, directly facing the local customers. At the same time, the differentiated products and pricing also better protect the dealer’s market.

Through this strategic adjustment, soon we have more than 40 partners in the world!

Choose to start, will not stop! Chihalo will continue to maintain the spirit of R & D and service capabilities, bring you more and better products and technologies, usher in the next five years!


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