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4月 6, 20150

"Cleaning operation is one of the essential key links in industrial production process, which plays an important role in improving product quality and prolonging service life. Under the background of vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the traditional cleaning methods have been unable to meet the application needs of the industrial field, especially in the high-end application field, the advanced laser cleaning technology has been paid more and more attention."

chihalo laser cleaning machine

4月 1, 20150

As a new cleaning technology, laser cleaning has many advantages, such as environmental protection, high efficiency and so on. It is one of the main development directions of today's laser technology, and has a wide application prospect. It has been well applied in aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, steel manufacturing, electronic industry, medical treatment and cultural relic restoration.


4月 1, 20150

Laser cleaning machine is customized for airport runway, which can not only effectively remove the tire rubber layer on the runway, but also will not cause any damage to the runway. It is energy-saving and environmental friendly, and is the preferred cleaning equipment for runway cleaning. After degumming, the friction value of runway completely meets the specified standard, which improves the quality of runway surface and ensures the normal takeoff and landing of flights.


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