100W Laser Cleaning Machine

5m/10m fiber cable; Warning Led;

WIFI Remote Control; Enclosed chassis;

Mopa laser source; 1.5-12 mJ Single Pulsed Energy;

Product Description

Chihalo, the NO.1 OEM manufacturer of laser cleaner in China

100W Laser Cleaning Machine


Chihalo is a Sino European joint venture manufacturer. All the laser cleaning machines come from European designers and have obtained CE and en60825-1 certificates.

100W Laser Cleaning Machine can clear rust on metal surface, all kinds of paint, moss on stone, walls of ancient buildings, glue on molds and so on. It has a very wide range of applications.

The operation is very simple. You can learn it in 5 minutes. A person can work for a long time without any consumables. The power consumption is lower than that of a domestic fan.


  • Quick installation and setup time
  • Intelligent software with rich functions, support update and easy to operate
  • Precision and fast cleaning
  • No damage to the substrate’s surface, even delicate surface
  • No noise, no consumables, no pollution, no maintenance, no contact and low running cost
  • Hand-held and automate cleaning are optional
  • 0°and 90°laser output are optional
  • Support balancer, safe and labor-saving


Model CF-60/80 CF-100/120 CF-200 CF-350 CF-500 CF-1000
Average Output Power 60/80W 100/120W 200W 350W 500W 1000W
Pulse Energy 1.5mJ 1.5mJ 1.5/12mJ 1.5mJ 100mJ 100mJ
Fiber Cable Length 3m 3m 5-15m 5-15m 20m 20m
Frequency Range 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 2-4000kHz 2-4000kHz
Pulse Width 2-500ns 2-500ns 2-500ns 20-500ns 20-240ns 20-240ns
Work-area 100*20mm 100*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm
Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Chiller Chiller Chiller
Work Temperature 0 ~ 40
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60
Dimension (L*W*H cm) 62*42*50 62*42*55 65*57*58 90*62*55 120*67*135
Weight(KG) 48 55 68 90 200 300
Input Power 220-230 V~/50Hz/1 PH

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