200W Laser Rust Removal

Mopa laser source; 1.5-12 mJ Single Pulsed Energy;

5m/10m fiber cable; Enclosed chassis;

Two types clean gun; Wifi remote control.

Product Description

Chihalo, the NO.1 OEM manufacturer of laser cleaner in China

200W Laser Rust Removal


  • 200W laser cleaning machine is an entry-level model for industrial laser cleaning applications, and it is getting popular recently.
  • Combined with Singapore JPT Mopa Pulse Laser technology, which has a wider adjustable pulse duration range.
  • 1.5mJ single point energy, higher than CW laser source, so that it can not only clean rust, but also all other duty like paint and oil!
  • M²<1.6-the best beam quality than multe-mode source.
  • Two types clean gun for options, with WIFI remote control panel! Another unique invention in laser cleaning!


Compared with normal equipment in the market, our 200W laser cleaner adopts the intelligent fans both on source and machine, thus it helps quickly cool down, eliminating the heavy and complex maintenance of ordinary water cooling machine.

The single cleaning area of 200 mm * 20 mm is unique all over the world! Under the same power, it doubles the cleaning efficiency, making perfect use of 200 W super laser energy.

After testing, the temperature of 200W laser cleaning machine is 35.5 ℃ after 8 hours of continuous operation, and it can hardly feel the heat energy, and it is a high-efficiency laser cleaning equipment with stable performance.


Model CF-60/80 CF-100/120 CF-200 CF-350 CF-500 CF-1000
Average Output Power 60/80W 100/120W 200W 350W 500W 1000W
Pulse Energy 1.5mJ 1.5mJ 1.5/12mJ 1.5mJ 100mJ 100mJ
Fiber Cable Length 3m 3m 5-15m 5-15m 20m 20m
Frequency Range 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 2-4000kHz 2-4000kHz
Pulse Width 2-500ns 2-500ns 2-500ns 20-500ns 20-240ns 20-240ns
Work-area 100*20mm 100*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm
Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Chiller Chiller Chiller
Work Temperature 0 ~ 40
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60
Dimension (L*W*H cm) 62*42*50 62*42*55 65*57*58 90*62*55 120*67*135
Weight(KG) 48 55 68 90 200 300
Input Power 220-230 V~/50Hz/1 PH

Test Samples

Additional Information


60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 200W, 500W, 1000W, 2000W


JPT, Raycus, Max

Fiber Cable

5m, 10m


100mm*20mm, 200mm*20mm


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