Portable Enclosed Laser Clean System

5m/10m fiber cable; WIFI Remote Control;

Mopa laser source; 1.5-12 mJ Single Pulsed Energy;

Power from 50W, 100W to 500W and 1KW.

Product Description

Chihalo, the NO.1 OEM manufacturer of laser cleaner in China

Portable Enclosed Laser Clean System


Model X Laser Clean System is the world’s first enclosed design from Europe, which with IP67 protection level, the whole machine can be put in the trunk, convenient for outdoor use. Updated functions include GPS, Warning LED, Free-holder and so on.

We self-designed the control software, so open more parameters to set, suitable for complex laser cleaning.

At present, it is widely used in automobile, mould, architecture, cultural relic, sandblasting and other fields.

Unique Advantages

  • Master oscillator power amplifier laser technology makes a non-damage cleaning work
  • OEM Industry shape design, compact and portable
  • Industrial tricolor lamp, more fit to EU safety regulations
  • Big mirrors with bigger motor, fasten the cleaning efficiency
  • 0° and 90° light output clean head
  • Spiral laser and auto-filling laser are optional
  • Three languages switch freely
  • Unique fault memory function
  • Timer build in
  • GPS is optional
  • Support customized software update


Model CF-60/80 CF-100/120 CF-200 CF-350 CF-500 CF-1000
Average Output Power 60/80W 100/120W 200W 350W 500W 1000W
Pulse Energy 1.5mJ 1.5mJ 1.5/12mJ 1.5mJ 100mJ 100mJ
Fiber Cable Length 3m 3m 5-15m 5-15m 20m 20m
Frequency Range 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 1-4000kHz 2-4000kHz 2-4000kHz
Pulse Width 2-500ns 2-500ns 2-500ns 20-500ns 20-240ns 20-240ns
Work-area 100*20mm 100*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm 200*20mm
Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Chiller Chiller Chiller
Work Temperature 0 ~ 40
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60
Dimension (L*W*H cm) 62*42*50 62*42*55 65*57*58 90*62*55 120*67*135
Weight(KG) 48 55 68 90 200 300
Input Power 220-230 V~/50Hz/1 PH

Test Samples

1. Rust removal on metal surface;

2. Surface paint removal and de-painting treatment;

3. Cleaning of oil, stain and dirt on the surface;

4. Surface coating and coating removal;

5. Pre-treatment of welding surface/spraying surface;

6. Remove the dust and attachments on the surface of the stone statue;

7. Rubber mold residue cleaning.

The model X has CE certificates with strict standards, 2 years warranty and 7 days delivery.

If you are end-market customer, we can provide completed custom clearance documents and shipping service;

If you own a laser brand and wanna OEM model, we are also okay and contact us to get more information!


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